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Thread: Wasabi DX v2

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    Wasabi DX v2

    the last few days I am having issues with USA Wii games.

    I have a PAL Wii 4.2, with a Wasabi DX v2 beta. The setting Region free Enable
    Update blocker enabled and Auto-boot Disabled

    I use Verb DVD-r and burn at 4x speed.

    PAL gaes work fine but, like I have said the last 4 USA games coem up with the error Cannot read disc.

    Any ideas how to fix this?


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    4.2 disabled region free on all mod chips. You need to either downgrade to 4.1, softmod your wii or wait patiently for someone to come up with a chip or firmware that fixes the issue

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    CopyDisc, if you're looking for information on how to downgrade, I used the tutorial found at this youtube (download this megaupload link for all the files you need to do it)

    Just substitute any parts that require you to pick 4.2u to 4.2e, should work fine.

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    Thks for the replies If I owngrade to 3.2, won't that stop a lot of games from working?


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    If you downgrade to 3.2 and don't update your system files some games won't work, but there's ways to get around that. Follow this guide and make sure to replace any reference to any US files to EU files, and you will be running 3.2 and all games will work. This is the guide I used and I have no problems with any game.


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