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Thread: Stuck on 3.4E w/ Wiikey, questions before updating...

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    Exclamation Stuck on 3.4E w/ Wiikey, questions before updating...

    Sooo... I've been on 3.4U with a Wiikey 1.9 that I've had since around Smash Bros. came out, with a launch-day Wii. I've been looking around for an answer to my question, but apparently haven't had any luck finding out exactly what to do.

    I want to update to 4.1, or the highest possible update so that I can start playing games from my SD card, and have the ability to read SDHC cards. However, I'm not sure if updating to 4.1 will brick my Wii because of the Wiikey, or do some other damage to it like completely disabling it. I've read up on softmodding, but I really want to keep my Wiikey's awesome functionality, which seems to offer me more benefits. I already have the basic homebrew channels installed, like HBC or WAD Manager.

    I'm also trying to get started on getting my USB hard drive working but that's something I'll figure out on my own once everything's updated and done, since right now it seems about to be the only way to run NSMB.

    Thanks a lot for your time.
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    You don't actually ask any questions though.

    Maybe these would be the answers..

    1) Wiikey and Softmod can co-exist without issues - They do for me

    2) Updating to 4.1 is possible using Firmware Updater 4.1 (load through HBC( requires internet connected Wii)) Tutorial here

    3) USB Loaders just require a compatible device USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp a cIOS and a USB Loader application which you run through HBC or a channel. Really quite simple and lots of tutorials on Wiihacks.
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    Hahaha.... guess I never did phrase them into questions. This is EXACTLY what I needed, thanks a whole bunch, I really appreciate it.

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