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Thread: Softmodded wii questions - dvd and usb loader

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    Softmodded wii questions - dvd and usb loader

    I have been using the softmod method to play games on my wii, I am currently running FW 4.0u and I use Neogamma7 r14and other NG loaders mainly to load games from dvd. I am thinking about going to a usb loader instead, I am wondering do I have to just install a wad or something and go from there to load games from an external usb drive, or do i have to remove everything i have currently and install just usb loding software? Can they co exist on one machine as well ??

    I know there are special things i have to do for the external drive to work with the usb loader software
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    Check this:

    And this:

    You also have to make sure you purchase a Hard Drive thats compatible with the Wii.

    You can find the list here:


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