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Thread: Call of Duty 3 issue

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    Question Call of Duty 3 issue

    On my buddies 4.1u soft modded wii, the game freezes during loading of campaign mode. Any Ideas of cause of effect?

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    I think you have to patch the ISO to IOS249 and burn to disc. This game will not work on USB Loader. Check out this list of usb loader problem games, scroll down to "problem catagory 1 (IOS reloading games)", LOOK HERE. And, if you happen to backup Splinter Cell Double Agent, you must also patch the ISO to IOS249 and burn to disc.

    Maybe this problem will be fixed on all IOS reloading games soon, they fix the new games but not the old games.

    note this
    PS: If you played one of these games unpatched, and now you patch(IOS Version patch) it in order to get it to work, you might run into savegame problems. It's confirmed that if you play FarCry until the crash point with the unpatched disc and then play further with the patched disc that you get savegame bugs up to a "system files are corrupt" message. So if you read this because you were searching a fix for one of these games, delete the savegame or have good brick protection when you patch now!
    So that means if you are going to patch COD 3 to 249, then delete the save game from the Wii internal memory or risk bricking when you play the patched game.

    Source - WiiPower at GBAtemp
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    Thanks Stomp_442, I will relay that to my buddy and I will take a look at the list and see which games we may have issues with and go from there. I appreciate the help, I am a noobe at this and I am learning all sorts of cool things from reading, but I obviously am in need of a bit of guidance here and there. As I go I will most likely become a supporter of wiihacks soon I am just trying to become more educated so I am useful as well for others who will follow.


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