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Thread: 4.2 Video Problems on standard tv's

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    4.2 Video Problems on standard tv's

    Im currently using a 3.1u wii that I foolishly updated to 4.2 but got neogamma and hbc to work well and i also got backups to play. My problem is that when i use it on my flat screen 42" tv, all the video and colors seem to work fine but when i take it to work or in my room and hook it to a standard tv, either the video flickers up and down like the hortizontal thing is outta synch (WII fit plus) or the game is displayed in black and white (rabbeds go Home). I changed the wii settings on the screen option to standard tv and currently i only have rca cords (1 red yellow white) hook up. Please help diagnose this for im completely at awe.

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    You need to adjust your display setting inside the loader you are using.
    You could try force***, then wii default, and others until you find a combination that works.
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    I ran into this too. To expand on what mauifrog just wrote, the best choice is to go into neogamma's Region settings (just below the "boot DVD game" selections) and change the "Force Video" setting to "Wii." This way games will always be at whatever resolution and refresh rate you have set in the Wii's settings menu, which is helpful if you're moving between different TVs. You don't need to change any of the other video settings in neogamma, and in fact the readme file that comes with it recommends you leave them alone unless you're having other problems.



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