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Thread: LU72 soft mod? Please help!

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    LU72 soft mod? Please help!

    Hi, I just recently got a wii which has the LU72 serial number. I've look at a couple of post from people but haven't read anything on if one has been hacked successfully yet or not. Has anyone soft modded one yet and had it actually run burned games? Please let me know or point me somewhere if possible on how to do this. thank you.

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    At this point there are no reports of un-moddable wii's. So your wii should softmod without issue. Just read the guide completely and understand it first. Be sure to ask questions should they arise. Use the guide below that corresponds to your wii's firmware. Best of luck, have fun.
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    Thank you very much for your reply, here's hoping it works. I will read the guide a few times to make sure i get it all down.

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    did you finally get it?? I have the same lu72, same firmware...


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    LU72 Issue

    I bought wii with S/N LU72 and v4.1U in last week as a gift, I followed the Guide ( ) to install the HBC, TBR Pack, Backup Launcher Channel and Backup_Channel_Gamm, everything were installed without any problem, but no luck! When running Backup Launcher getting " DVD read error 324 " and using Backup Channel Gamma show up " DVD read error 349 ", both +R and -R discs were tried. I used same way on LU71 v4.1u in month ago, working great, I can play both +R or -R disc without any problem. The ony difference is DVDx 35 was found in the installer note for LU72, DVDx 36 is in the LU71 installer note. Is there anyone please help me to fig that out? Very Appreciate!

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    You have a WII with the new chip controller as know as GC2-D3-2, I have the same problem. The only way to pkay backups is with a USB LOADER.


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    My wii lu72 with 4.2 works great running burnt games on dvd-r burnt slow on imgburn
    Used messies guide follow step by step then it will work I had to load my cios on 250 not249

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    i have a wii lu115 4.1u and got no luck on running backups dvds. i for sure have the new chipset, but i heard somebody got it to work with backups!! does anybody have any ideas how to do that?

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    i'm sure as soon as info like that can be confirmed, you won't be able to miss it.


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