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Thread: Need some serious help.

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    Need some serious help.

    I "updated" my wii (most recent update available) saturday and come to find out I cant load anymore games because my wii's motor has stopped and I cant ship it to nintendo. I decided to get HBC.. I went out and got a SD card for wii and a 4 GB usb drive ( will get better one later) so I downloaded BootMii and configured it as boot2 and no problems there.. Now I have HBC and I have HomeBrew Browser; but what I need is to get WiiFlow to download games right? Could someone give me a guide or so to accomplish this with the updated wii not being a problem? sorry im new to this stuff.

  2. #2 got here to help you out it does say to install homebrew and all but just read thru the guide just in case you missed anything and the best bet is to or to get your iso's for wii games then you want to get a program called wiitools 1.7 and use the wizzle dissle shizzle to scrub the iso for updates and patching the region....any more questions pm me

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    Ah I got it, I took bits and bits from each thread for 4.2 wiis and figured it out. Thanks guys.


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