Got a problem that just showed up in the last week or two..
My drive likes to randomly disconnect itself all of a sudden now.

Im running on 4.1U, the latest USB Loader GX.. My drive case is an IDE Thermaltake Silver River 3.5", and Ive got an 80gb Maxtor in it.

Ill be in the middle of playing something then all of a sudden I hear the drive clicking like its being ejected or powering down and what do you know my games freeze and I have to usually power down.
I figured maybe it was because I never installed Hermes cIOS222/223 so I just did that this morning.

I switched USB Loader to use 222 always and it seemed to be good for 2 levels in Lego Indiana Jones. On the second one, I heard the drive start doing its disconnect, and at least while using cIOS 222, it looks like the Wii, picked it right back up. However it kept doing it, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row. I got screwed cause it happened to do it last while it was loading a new area so here I am..

My Wii is currently sitting at the system menu right now, and Ive heard the drive disconnect about 4 times in the last 30 minutes or so..
Connecting to WBFS seems fine, I let Windows check the one 2GB FAT partition on there for errors, and that seems fine..

Is there some tool I can use to check the WBFS side of it on my PC or Mac?? Does it sound like the drive is going?? Drive case sucks?? Recopy the ISO's to the drive?? Try another loader??

Sorry for all the questions but this is starting to get frustrating as I cant play for any length of time without it disconnecting on me.. Not just Lego Indy either, Ive had it happen on Force Unleashed as well. Those are the two games Ive been playing recently so maybe its just those images??