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Thread: all in one wii art cover ?

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    all in one wii art cover ?

    hi all,

    i'm still new to the wii scene and was wondering if someone can point me to the right direction as to where i can get a bundle art box cover. it's time consuming to download it one by one.

    also, i am running configurable usb loader v46 on a ntsc wii as usb loader gx doesn't like my wii. where should i put these files? also, is isntalling themes similar too? i tried connecting to the internet for the wii to download the covers but NO GO .

    it is boring not having these covers and theme . thanks all for your input.


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    if you have a wifi connection, on the configurable usb loader press 1 for options, 1 again for "global options" and there you'll see "download all missing covers" scroll down to that and press right on the D pad, or you can try Wii Boxart but you'll probably have to resize them for the usb loader. the covers should go in to a folder on the root of your sd card named usb-loader\covers, it should already be there if you're using configurable usb loader.


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    thanks bud


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