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Thread: I need to be pointed in the right direction.

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    I need to be pointed in the right direction.

    i bought my wii at least a year ago... im up to firmware 4.2u. I'm very computer literate but im new to modding/softmod. What makes it virgin? Do i need to make it virgin to mod it? After i get all that straight ill worry about how to softmod it and which homebrew firmware to use. oh and one last thing, i know if you mod your 360 and play on live you get banned. But does the same sort of thing apply to the wii? Thank You for any help.

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    the right direction for you is probably the tutorial section do lots of reading virgin means you haven't done anything with it kind of like a person thus the term as far as firmware that is your wii not homebrew you need to do some reading it is a fun hobby but knowledge is the key

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    I've been reading through the tutorials and It's like watching a sequal without seeing the first movie. For instance you say the version i have on my wii is not the one referred to in the tutorials? I dont know that and thats why im asking. I know it will be very easy once i know whats going on but right now reading the tutorials im semi lost.

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    ok firmware is the same as your computer the drives all have firmware its the part of the programming that makes the hardware function so the only tutorial you will need to follow is how to softmod virgin 4.2 wii if you follow the directions in that one tutorial you will be up and running so 4.2 is your firmware your gonna downgrade it to 4.1 your going to install homebrew wich is a software application that you are going to use to run more software on your wii just follow the one tutorial and you will do fine Here is the link read it three times then follow the steps one at a time not skipping around do it in order it works good luck and happy modding

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    i was wondering if i needed to downgrade or not. so I HAVE to DG to 4.1 to softmod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kane1600 View Post
    i was wondering if i needed to downgrade or not. so I HAVE to DG to 4.1 to softmod?
    You do not need to downgrade to softmod 4.2 system. Just follow the tutorial that was given to you in the link .


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