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Thread: Wii update with drivekey

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    Wii update with drivekey

    Hi. can i do a system update even though i have a drivekey chip installed?

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    its fine to update with drivekey chip i have 1 myself.

    if u update to firmware 4.2 it kills the region free in drivekey.

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    so would it be ebst not to update then? i seem to be having problems with some back up games with my wii. the burn succesful but when i load it shows in title screen but when i press start it just shows a black screen. i have taken the update blocker off and burnt without brickblocker to see if the wii would update thru the game but when i do that the game wont even show in the title screen. im confused.

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    what firmware are you running,
    also did the wii update via a game at all since you had it,

    i had/have the same problem on some games that i get, if the game has already been patched drivekey wont run the game.

    your wii might have had patched ios`s b4 it updated and the update fixed those ios`s
    there is nothing you can do other then get the same game unpatched then it will play.

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    i am on 3.1 firmware i bought the wii 2nd hand but it has never updated since i had it. i guess i will just have to download the games again from a different source. is there a site you would recommend?

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    i would upgrade my firmare to 4.1 so it installs some missing ios`s that some games require to run, this fixed my problem on a few games i had 6 games that did not work on 3.4 after going to 4.1 all 6 worked.

    here is the link

    and this update will not mess with drivekey.

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    so i need to soft mod my wii? i thought having it chipped would be the way to go.

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    you only need to softmod it so u can install the firmware update OR find a game with a update on it. no game yet has the 4.1 firmware that i know of. but soft modding it is a good option cause you can then use usb loader and a usb stick / hdd and load ya games from there to save burning them


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