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Thread: Persistent User ID

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    Question Persistent User ID

    I am trying to figure out how to clear a user id/password setting that appears to be "stuck" in the Internet Channel browser. It happens on the Verizon Central login page.

    The problem is on my nephew's Wii. I could probably figure out the solution if I were able to sit down at the machine, but he lives about 200 miles from me so I am troubleshooting via telephone. My other disadvantage is that I have never used a Wii, much less the Internet Channel.

    Has anyone experienced this phenomenon before? If so, is the persistent userid/password being held in the Opera browser or in a separate memory or disk area of the Wii itself?

    Thanks for any help you can send my way!

    P.S. Sending my thanks for the suggestion posted by Slicksoaring, but deleting the cookies did not solve the problem.

    Back story: My nephew has a Verizon DSL subaccount under his dad's account. When my nephew attempts to log in to his own account through the Internet Channel, Verizon ignores my nephew's userid/password and goes directly to his father's account instead of my nephew's. I assume he has logged on to his Dad's account in the past when he was helping his Dad organize his email folders.

    I have tried all the tricks I know to override the dad's userid on the Verizon page, but nothing that works for me on my PC is getting us anywhere on the Wii. I downloaded the Opera browser to my PC to familiarize myself with its settings, preferences, etc., and it looks like clearing out the Private Data might be something to try. But I don't know if Opera works the same on a Wii as it does on a PC. I also don't want to tell my nephew to just clear everything out if it is going to cause him problems on the Wii.
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    the regular opera browser isn't even close to the one on the wii. He could try going into the opera browser homepage and hit delete cookies. there's not a whole lot of options on the wii/opera browser. You can go to a webpage, search using yahoo or google, and there is the ability to save favorites. It will save cookies to a small point.


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