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Thread: Wii64/WiiSX News

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    Wii64/WiiSX News

    SVN migration finished and other news

    This is a quick update to let you all know what we’ve been up to. For those who have been monitoring the googlecode project, we’ve finally finished migrating all of our code changes to the public svn! That means the beta1 tagged code is the same code that was used to compile the Wii64/Cube64 Beta 1 release version. We thought the migration process would go much quicker, but the length of time for the migration testifies to the amount of effort put in to get the emulator ready for a beta release!

    We’re in the process of preparing Beta 1.1, which will have some exciting improvements. We thought that we would push out a minor revision very quickly, but our wishlist for the revision grew, and we have a couple important things to add to it that are holding up the release. Don’t worry though, as it will be worth the wait.

    In parallel we’ve been making significant changes to WiiSX/CubeSX. There is still a lot of work to be done in re-organizing and cleaning up the PCSX code base. We are hoping that as we tidy things up we’ll be able to fix bugs in the emulator. We’re not sure when the next release will be, yet, but look forward to major improvements when you see it.
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    Wii64 / Mupen64GC Progress & Project Goals

    These are our project goals we plan to achieve with the N64 emulator port of Mupen64 to the Gamecube & Wii.

    * Hardware Accelerated Graphics
    * Dynamic Recompilation
    * Sound
    * 4mb Expansion PAK Games
    * 512mbit ROM Support
    * Configurable Input
    * ROM Loading from DVD/SD/Front-SD & USB
    * Native Saves
    * Save States
    * Rumble/Controller PAK Support
    * Progressive/Widescreen Resolution
    * Netplay


    Merry Christmas ‘09
    December 24th, 2009 by emukidid

    The Wii64Team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

    We have been quite busy working on our upcoming Wii64 and WiiSX betas in the little time we can find in between our real lives and other work.

    Rest assured we’re all still alive and kicking, and working on your favorite emulators, with many surprises in store.

    Happy Holidays!
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    That's what I was thinking. A Wii64 update, and maybe a PSX emulator that works better.

    Just in case anybody needs the links to the current emulators, get them here, these links are not for anything new.

    Wii64 at WiiBrew -
    WiiSX at WiiBrew -
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    A PSX with a proper GUI would be nice.

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    well lets hope they fix compatibility and speed issues (i am sure they will.. or else what would "exciting improvements" mean?)

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    whats that? concer? I love this squirrel!!! i ll donate them 50 euros if they can get that one working! (not really)

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    Hey i have to work my @$$ off to make 50 euros!!

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    Well I have to work in the sun all day just so I can get a kick ass Australian tan.

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