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Thread: BootMii as IOS question

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    BootMii as IOS question

    i was wondering, what is the use of IOS bootmii? It only creates backup but u cant restore it if u cant access it(when bricked). Also it replaces the dvdx thing right?

    in the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" do i need to install it?
    is it runable from preloader if ur wii is bricked?

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    You are right it is not always possible to restore from your Nand if its IOS.
    Its probably a good idea to create a nand backup, as low grade problems can be restored, and maybe in the future someone will come up with a whizzo idea for it.
    When you use the hackmii installer it gives you three items to load,
    and HBC
    Its usual to boot into bootmii on powerup, if you have


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