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Thread: Bricked Wii black screen

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    Bricked Wii black screen

    I messed up bad while installing IOS files onto my Wii. I wanted to run a Dragonball game which required me to have IOS55 installed (booting through latest USBLoader GX from HDD). After I installed it with the WAD manager the game still wouldn't boot up. So I installed some more random IOS (silly me >.<) files hoping it would work. I rebooted and tried again. Still no luck with the game booting neither would any of the IOS files show up in system settings of usbloader gx. I then decided to uninstall the previously installed IOS files and after install again to see if that would make a difference. Unfortunately after uninstalling I got only errors when trying to reinstall. I then gave up and rebooted my Wii.

    Only to find out that after rebooting my Wii would only give a black screen, no safety warnings and no access to the menu whatsoever. I've tried the following to 'unbrick' my Wii:
    This doesn't work at all for me, still the same black screen and I also tried both packages that are listed if one would not work.

    Then I tried:

    I went from preloader to TWP hack to cIOScorp to install drive chip.
    Obviously I don't have a preloader as it did nothing when holding reset when starting up. I didn't hack with the TWP hack so thats not on it either. To my knowledge I didn't installed the cIOScorp either because I was playing through my HDD (usbloader gx). The only option shown there is installing a mod chip it seems.

    Though I did install bootmii (but that was probably as IOS which doesn't help me right now?).

    I would like to know what other options I have (besides checking with a NGC controller/modchip). Anyone having suggestions?

    Wii firmware 4.1E.
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