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Thread: 4.2 and running VC games off SD

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    4.2 and running VC games off SD

    I have a friend who wanted me to mod there wii well I got HBC installed and can run Wiiflow I can install wads to the Wii internal memory but when I move them to the sd card they fail to load. On mine (4.1 updated the safe way) I just installed the patched ISO60 but that wont work on there 4.2 is there something Im missing. I also installed triiforce but I dont like the way it works and it wont run off the SDHC card they got Its a PNY any help you guys can offer would be great.

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    Got it all worked out took there SDHC card and swapped it for there 2 gig SD card and made a 8 gig partition on there USB hd for triiforce used the rest for WBFS and it is all working good.


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