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Thread: Lcd Delema

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    Lcd Delema

    I want to get a LCD tv but I have an issue I thought some one here could help with.

    I have a computer running vista media center hooked up to my 32' tube tv. This is how I watch all my TV.

    I thought with a new LCD TV I would want to use the RGB computer monitor style connection.

    So to make sure the TV would looked good though the RGB connection I took my laptop to the big box store and started hooking it up to TVs.
    I tried both 60 hz and 120 hz tvs and they all did the same thing.
    The desktop and most video looks really good.

    But when I turned on Futurama (and other fast motion video) and there was a lot of motion the TVs would display a line from the left to the right just under the point of action.
    This would only happen for a second then when the scene changed it would go away.

    So what I would like to know if that is how most LCDs handle a RGB connection?

    And if so could I get a HDMI out card for my computer and solve this issue?

    Thanks for you input!


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    Not sure about RGB. But, I had to get a new video card for my computer so I could run through HDMI.
    Everything runs great. The only minor thing is the screen doesn't stretch all the way over on both sides. It is only like 1/2 inch on each side. If I move it anymore the pic is to big.
    Anyways. Good luck with your television hunting.

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    With that I bought the TV.

    It works great at home. Must have been the setup on my laptop.

    I bet the video card was having a hard time with the two displays with different refresh rates.



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