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Thread: Configurable USB Loader cfg47 install freeze

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    Configurable USB Loader cfg47 install freeze

    I have had this same issue with wiiflow which is why I switched to Configurable USB loader. It will install a game and the first game will install just fine, but then games I try to install after that will say "3.17gb copied in 0:40:32" or whatever the time/size for that particular game was and then I have to hard reset. When it reboots the game is not copied onto the HDD. Everything that I had on the HDD previously boots fine and this is a great loader but it is useless to me if I can't install games to it. I'm going crazy scouring forums and googling this crap but I seem to be the only person on the face of the earth with this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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    helpful to note that I am using a WD my passport 500gb 350gb wbfs i have the current cios38 rev14 installed and I am on 4.0

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    I had the same issue. you will have to remove the other usb channels that r on your wii its what i did to make them work

    After 2 days of reading :| I got this one with no probs.


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