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Thread: Code Dump Error

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    Code Dump Error

    After I download a new hombrew app from homebrew browser, they have an error were it says: Exception (DSI) occured! A ton of code is then listed... Code Dump: More code is listed... Its happened on mega code downloader, guitarsonfire,and mplayer-wii. Does anyone know what this means and how I can fix it? Thanks!

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    Re: Code Dump Error

    Me too... this is getting maddening! I can't seem to fix it either. I even went back to start over on the installs, and now I can't even get a USBLoader on my channels! UGH!!

    I thought it started for me when I tried to install an Excitebike wad file, and it didn't finish... it froze on #09. Everything I do in HBC is now freezing.


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