Hi people,

I think I messed up pretty bad.
Here is my situation.

Original situation:
- Pal wii with 3.3E (zelda twlight hack) HBC and BC.

The plan:
- Clean the wii from previous hack
- install 4.0E with neogamma and usb backups using the following guide
http://gaming-benelux.com/index.php?...ge;topic=169.0 (dutch)

The steps I took to clean the Wii:
- copied saved games to SD
- HBC -> cIOS37 Rev3 installer
- HBC -> cIOS Downgrader v1.2 -> 3.1E
- HBC -> Hack Remover -> error (normally removes hack.ini files)
- HBC -> Any Title Delter -> deleted all 00000001 (except the ones that are brick protected)

(HBC and BC were still there)

- Wii wipe memory via wii settings

(HBC and BC were gone)

Then I wanted to follow the guide from the link provided earlier.
- LoadMii loads fine
- DowngraderIOS35.dol (error -106)
- Wad Manager 1.4 loads fine -> only IOS30 (where is IOS249 etc ??)
- no reason to continue here..

So apparently I messed it up, glad my wii still boots.
- Am I close to bricking my wii?

It doesn't matter if it's 4.0 4.1 4.2, (heard 4.2 wasn't stable yet), preferably the best possible, with HBC, neogamma and usb backup support.

What can I do next?