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Thread: Ok, research is done, still lost...

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    Ok, research is done, still lost...

    I recently scoured around and found a Wii that has a serial number of LU101XXX.... According to a few sites, I either have a GC2-D2B or a GC2R-D2A. Either way, I understand that these are the easiest to chip. Now, I have a background in soldering from the Navy, so I'm confident I can pull this off with ease. I have modded other systems before, although all of them have been soft mods (a HDD in my PS2, soft-modded Xbox). Now, I've heard horror stories about people not being able to play SSBB with a chipped Wii, and I really don't want to run into that issue in the future. Now, seeing as how I won't be playing any imports from Japan, and I will strictly use it to avoid paying $60 a game, which chip would you recommend? I've heard quite a few names dropped, although it seems as if they are either no longer made, or not tested enough. Here's the list I have so far...


    Other than that, I can't seem to find any chips for the old drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    wiikey is the best. get it and the WLip and then you don't have to solder if I understand it right.


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