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Thread: Wii Bricked need help....

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    Wii Bricked need help....

    Hi there,
    My Wii is giving me the following error in the pre-loader:
    Error autobooting systemmenu!
    Could not open boot file!

    The IOS = v50
    Systemmenu = v386

    Preloader v0.29

    How can I install that bootfile?

    It's a pal 3.4e wii

    Any help would be appriciated!!!!

    regards, Bile

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    I think you need re-install v386 system menu (3.4e) through wad manager to recover your semi-bricked Wii.

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    Hi baldguy,
    Thanx for your reply!!!
    I solved the issue by restoring the nand backup I made using the gc controler....
    At first it said that the nand was of a different Wii which I fixed to copy the keys.bin into the nand.bin by the following command: copy /b nand.bin + keys.bin nand.bin
    and then I was able to restore....

    Anyway, thanx again for the reply


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