Hey guys

I tried to install Muramasa the demon blade on my HDD, I got the ISO, did the same process I do to install any other game. I was surprised when it turned the game into a 600MB or something file, from 3.29 I think GB.

But Not so much because Super Mario bros Wii is about that size...then I went into the USB loader GX menu and the game was not there.

Normally when I install something the game is just there and I download a cover...surprisingly enough it let me download "A cover" Which I assume it was for the game, but the game does not show on the list of playable games for some reason.

Anyone ever experience this problem before?

Any ideas on how to get the game to work? I double checked on the HDD already and sure enough the game is there...just does not seem to show up on the USB loader game select menu.