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Thread: Best ModChip?

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    Best ModChip?

    I'd like to get a premodded wii but i dont know which mod chip i should have it come with. Id like to have one that cant be detected by nintendo, easy to update.

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    Looks like the cyclowiz has the most features and I believe you can install an on off switch. A chip called "wasabi" is out now that will work on all versions of the wii. I would say its the best out.

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    You can install an ON/OFF switch on any modchip. Just attach it to the 3.3v power connection.

    Wasabi is not out yet. Will be out in the coming week sometime though.

    Best one out is between D2Pro and the Argon. Tomorrow? Who knows...

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    Cool cool, i preordered the wasabi

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    NICE!!! make sure you tell me how it turns out! I Pre-ordered a batch of 10 myself. Just a test sample


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