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Thread: Wbfs 0.01GB problem!

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    Wbfs 0.01GB problem!

    Finally i got everything to work with wiiflow and preloader and new super mario and everything!!! =)

    I transferred all my games to my hard drive, but it seems that one of them i cant transfer!

    It is a multigame dvd (Wii.Emulator.Disc.MULTI.8640.ROMS.Wii)

    And when it pops up in wbfs manager it says 0.01gb and then i try to transfer and nothing comes up.

    Anyone had that problem???


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    Thats because its not a wii ISO, its a gamecube ISO - they can't be run from USB loaders.

    You also have to hack your wii to get gamecube games work.


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    Ok, but i have played the iso before on my wii through a disc!

    so this means i cant have it on a harddrive?

    or if i want, i change from wiiflow to usb-loader?

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    Gamecube games work via disk only if the machine has the necessary patches that your must have. Just no way to use a USB loader for them I'm afraid.

    I've love to have ISO images of ROMS on my system too.


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    ok, so how can i get the disc to work?
    because now that i have updated everything on my wii to get the
    wiiflow channel to work with preloader i cant run the disc :/
    do you have any emu on your wii?


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