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    Ca SuperSmash Brawl

    We have the older wii and its modded but we bought SuperSmash Brawl and we get a error of CAN NOT READ DISC PLEASE REFER TO MANUAL any suggestions? all our games work that we bought example Zeldia our download games like Medal of Honour works without a glitch just SuperSmash Brawl

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    shoulda done some research and found out that if your wii is modded with wiikey(i think) then legitimate copies of brawl wont work

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    yea, there is some youtube vids on that.
    I don't think it is fixable.
    Nintendo must be cracking down.

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    What chip? Would it be a wiikey?

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    i get that error occasionally on random games with my wii .. but i just try again and it tends to work .. i found the main reason for it was the casing was putting too much pressure on the drive, so i keep my case off my wii and it works fine ..

    not sure if that's really the issue, it could be cause of the game, but have you tried a burnt copy ?? or other games ..

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    yes its a wiikey a buddy of my suggested to install kill switch to shut the mod off and on , i just don't want to drill any holes on case

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    You can make a back up and it will work for now.

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    I have a modded version of the game which does boot up on my wii-keyed wii
    only thing is the screen rolls, yet other ntsc games dont.
    can anyone advise?


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