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Thread: Old Cios or what?

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    Unhappy Old Cios or what?

    Hello people,

    Ive tried tho search for my awnser. but i cant find the problem for my awnser.

    When i try to play the latest games for the wii, i get a black screen
    when i boot the game.
    Old games i can play without any problems.

    I have version 3.4E as software for the wii
    using homebrew channel 1.0.6
    and the ios36V12.18
    and to play games i use the coverflow program.

    anyone know what i can do to play the newest games?

    thnx for responding.

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    The latest cIOS is cIOS38-rev14, so if you don't have, then try installing it.

    Also, a black screen usually means a missing IOS,

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    When you want to upgrade to cIOS38-rev14, do you just run the installer and it will work or do you have to run Trucha first?

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    looking at dogegg, there's a new CIOS38-rev15 since 13 nov. Weird I see no release thread and newfixes, beta maybe?

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    Hey peeps,

    i downloaded the cIOS38.... and installed it with
    homebrew. the installation was completed oke. (thats what the installation said).
    But when i look at homebrew in settings it still says the
    current cIOS is cIOS36....

    Now i also downloaded neogamma R8 wich works great for me
    now. I can now play the newest games again with neogamma.
    But what i dont like about it is thats it is without covers..

    anyone knows a other good program like neogamma?
    only with covers?
    I used coverflow and usb loader 1.5 but those cant run
    the newest games..

    thnx for responding guys.

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    try usb loader gx


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