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Thread: Accessing the Wii Online Shop

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    Accessing the Wii Online Shop

    Hi folks.

    I have installed the Wasadi DX on my Wii which works superb on my PAL Wii, and I would like to know if I can still access the Wii Online Shop without causing any problems. I did look at the Online Shop and I got a message that it wanted to do an upgrade on the Shop channel.

    The reason I ask is that on 18th November UK BBC TV are going to put BBC iPlayer on it's own dedicated Wii channel, and to get it I would have to download it from the Shop Channel. This player I use on my laptop at the moment but it would be nice if I could get it on my regular 37" LCD TV.

    Thanks in advance for any answers

    North West UK

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    Wii shop channel should run fine, the only time you really have to worry is when Nintendo wants to update your firmware for you. I just updated to 4.2u, and I wager that 4.2e has the same problem, and I'm not able to play out of region discs or most of my backups like I used to. As long as they're just updating the channel and not the firmware go ahead. Maybe the DX doesn't have the same problem the Zero has, but I saw on the Drivekey (a similar chip to the DX) board that people were having similar problems. I'm downgrading right now because of it. If you're already running with 4.2e and no problems, then go ahead. The 4.2 menu is the first time I've had any trouble with the modchip, so I'd stay away from it right now until someone confirms that there's ways around the problems it's causing for modchip users.

    There are other ways to update your shop channel using WADs that people have set up if you're worried about it patching your firmware. I don't know how offhand but do a search for something like install shop channel wad or something similar and you'll probably find a good guide.


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