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Thread: Problem After Installing VC WAD's

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    Problem After Installing VC WAD's

    Hi, first post!

    Quick question... I have a freshly soft modded Wii (BootMii as boot 2, HBC, Hermes cIOS's, Waninkokos cIOS's & USB Loader GX).

    Anyway, after installing Mario 64 WAD using WAD Manager I get a black screen saying something like this channel can't be used?

    I have read this and can't see what I'm doing wrong?

    USB Loader GX is working as is the HBC obviously by the way.

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    Ok... figured out I needed Free the Wads, however, the sound skips really bad.

    Does this mean I need proper PAL WAD's as opposed to patched NTSC WAD's?

    I always thought they were the same, and only the region was different??

    **Edit** Figured it out myself.
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