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Thread: can't install neogamma 7

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    can't install neogamma 7

    hey i am new in this stuff. do i will be happy if someone can help me here/
    i tried to install neogamma 7 but it's return me error -1.
    i have already on my wii this stuff:
    backup luncher gamma 0.3 with 002 fix IOS249.
    wiigator 3 backup luncher.
    the homebrew channel ios36 v4.18
    my wii is 3.3E.
    i am trying to install the neogamma 7 because i have download the new COD and new mario and it dosent work for me.
    but all the games that i download till today worked(also fifa10,the new NFS).
    do you think that i need to install the neogamma 7 or to stay with the backupluncher that i have today?

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    you need neogamma, you loader is too old. Get neogamma 7 or 8 and you will also need cIOS38 rev14.

    read this:

    for help with your error.

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    how i am installing CIOS38 REV 14?
    u can give me the links to the instructions to install: neogamma and CIOS.
    i need wi-fi to install CIOS?

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    anybody help please???


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