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Thread: problems with newly burnt games..HELP

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    Us problems with newly burnt games..HELP my wii has been hacked and for the longest time ..every game i have burnt has worked fine with no problems...recently ive tried wii sports resort, and new super mario bros.. and when i select launch game from channel that allows burnt games to be played.. it says launched, then the screen turns grey for about two seconds and goes back to the initial menu which has the options

    system menu
    homebrew channel
    installed file

    load/install file
    system menu hacks

    it says there is an update available on that screen but when i click on update it just goes to a screen saying

    download changelog...

    and doesnt do anything else

    i know the new super mario bros was a pal version and i ccant remember if wii sports resort was or not..please help me someone!

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    downloadING changelog... ***

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    anyone?? someone hasta know what the problem is...

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    Fairly new to Wii modding also. I was having a heck of a time getting Sports Resort to work, even after reading through numerous sites and threads. Finally got it to work tonite via USB drive. I installed WiiFlow channel, installed Cios38rev14. Set error o2 to on in WiiFlow, clicked on game and adjusted setting in there then clicked on play and voila. PM me if you want to know more.


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