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Thread: In the middle of softmod a quick question

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    In the middle of softmod a quick question

    hey wii hackers just in the middle of doing softmod 3.1-4.1 and because im on v3.4 it says i should update but when i select firmware update 4.1 it starts then stops on the initializing network (i have no internet connection to the wii) so i cant do it. Can i just go to step5 install (IOS249 & SD card) and install these wads from the 'wad' folder:


    with my v3.4 still then install the usb loader.Will that work? since i only want to use the usb loader and not NeoGammaR7 or preloader. Or do i have to update to v4.1 to use usb loader and if i do is there a way to update without nework connection?

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    1. You can update to 4.1 without an Internet connection if you wish-go back to the tutorial and at the end of the text in Step 5 you will see a link for system menus-to update to 4.1U select sysmenuNTSC449; if your Wii is European select sysmenuPAL450. You did already install IOS60patched before you tried to do the FW4.1 install, right? You then resume the tutorial at Step 5B.

    2. If you do not want preloader, you can use USB Loader GX without it. You can indeed just finish with the IOS installs of Step 5D.

    3, Refer to this tutorial for HDD setup:

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    Thanks for ya time and replying gen3sf that helped me out alot ill just skip the menu update and install the IOS at the end of step 5 ill keep that link for the menu update incase i ever want to update system menu. Thanks


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