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Thread: burning a downloaded game

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    burning a downloaded game

    hello again,

    excuse me if this is not an appropriate topic but i'm guessing it's ok. :-) i tried to download a game to test my newly softmodded mac. i tried actually 2 and the source is espalwii and the download size is roughly 2gb not the usual 4+gb. after unrar it comes out to 4+gb as expected. but i'm not able to successfully burn either game (mario kart, resident evil) as i'm not able to mount the extracted iso. i am using mac and i can't run maybe a few of the things windows users can. since i can't mount the iso i can't properly burn it on my mac. normally iso files are no issue. i'm just thinking there must be something i have to do to the iso first before i can burn it. seems these iso files have been compressed. can i ask what that is and how do i do it on mac? thank you!


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    download imgburn for the mac and burn the ios you extracted at a super low speed you just clik write image file to disc drag your iso file into the box it presents then clik burn use dvd-r media and burn slow like 2x good luck happy modding

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    thanks for the quick reply. there is no imgburn for mac that's the thing. there are many ways to burn iso files so i don't know if there is something special about imgburn? so do i understand correctly that nothing special needs to be done to the iso even if it has been scrubbed for it to burn with imgburn? if that's the case maybe imgburn does something special that doesn't happen on mac since on mac if the iso can't be mounted it also can't be burned properly. it just burns nothing... :-(


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    here is a cut and paste from another mac user " I have seen a few people ask how to burn Wii ISO's on the Mac using Mac OS X. It is very simple. All you need is an unrar-er (i use UnRarX) if the ISO is compressed. Then use Disk Utility to Burn the ISO, it comes in Mac OS X (Applications > Utilities> Disk Utility) Once you lunch the app click the "Burn" button. From there it will bring up a browser window, just locate your ISO and click the "Burn" button in that window. Now insert your blank DVD. You should see some burn speed options and other options. If not click the down arrow in that window. Now i always set my burn speed to the lowest/slowest, (do what you want). Now click the burn button. Thats it, wait for it to burn then test it out. As you all should know only make copies of games that you legally own." Imgburn does nothing special that i am aware of i have used other imgburn programs to burn my wii games but imgburn has been the most reliable hope this helps and good luck if not google is your friend there are lots of mac users doing the wii thing so it will work its a patience thing

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    thanks again for the reply. yes that's exactly how i do it too. it seems the first 2 downloads that i tried there is something else going wrong. according to the files included in the download they have been scrubbed and maybe that's the reason it's not working for me? normally i can mount an iso on mac and see what's inside but in these 2 cases i cannot. when i try to burn without mounting it just burns an empty disk. in the meantime i will try to download a file which is not compressed/scrubbed and see if that works. and back to google as well... :-)

    thanks very much!


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    well good luck that may be the problem look for the comments on the downloads you will learn alot if they are working files or not and what systems they are working on using an external hard drive or flashdrive is a nice way to go you may wanna look into that best of luck and enjoy your modding


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