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Thread: Can you play out of Region games on wii with USB loader GX ONLINE?

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    Can you play out of Region games on wii with USB loader GX ONLINE?

    Basically my question on the topic title

    Can you play out of Region wii games running off an external HDD with USB loader GX (Example COD4 Spanish / Italian version). I know From a lot of previous posts and topics online you can play regular USA versions of games running off the HDD without a problem online and nothing happens, but I don't know how the game being from another part of the world affects it.

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    Yes that should not be an issue of course you will force the region of your wii use the proper ios I have tested pal games on softmod ntsc wii and enjoyed many hours of online play good luck and happy modding

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    One final question

    Are games from the UK (With the 16+) (3+) (18+) and so on numbers instead of the E T M ratings considered PAL?

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    yes any game from the uk will be pal also when using your loader it does not hurt anything to force ntsc every time if your wii is an ntsc wii i set mine to force it every time and save settings and it works well if you load it and don't force it it just scrolls black and white across your screen so if you mess up it just is unplayable till you reload properly it won't hurt your wii if you make a mistake on this good luck and happy modding


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