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Thread: New super mario bros wii

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    Question New super mario bros wii

    I used the alt dol method, and when I press 2 on the title screen the screen goes black.... I'm using configurable usb loader, and I took the fixed main.dol and renamed it to SMNP.dol
    I enabled alt dol in the cfg usb loader,
    I have no idea what's going on.

    EDIT: I just looked and it says It may have error 001, how do I fix that?
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    I ripped it striaght from disc, and i get a black screen saying there was an error, eject the disc and turn off the console etc.... any suggestions?

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    Working on DVD

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. i have got the new super mario game working using a burnt dvd, i use maxell dvd+r i have a pal wii it was 4.0 (at this stage the game didn't work) but i recently updated to 4.1, i also updated to Custom IOS (v38 rev 15). the first game i used was with out a fix which worked for 10 minutes then stopped. i then burnt a different iso titled ws_nsmb_pal_multi5.iso i have played for a frew hours with out any problems , i also use neoGamma R6 ios249. i hope this helps

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    Thumbs up nsmb works on usb loader.

    hi there. here's what I've done and it worked, downloaded unscrubbed and unpatched version of game .iso, added to the usb disk via wbfs and that's it.
    works ok! I'm using usb loader gx and neogamma r7 on softmodded 4.2 wii hopefuly it will work 4u

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