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Thread: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex NUCLEAR BOMB

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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex NUCLEAR BOMB

    Hi all,
    I am wondering about Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex for the wii. I have heard many rumours that the game will NOT play after the nuclear bomb explosion.

    So I am referring to anyone here. Is this true? Has this worked for ANYONE? Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

    Thanks all.

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    Shouldn't you play the game first, and confirm what you are saying? How can you be asking for a fix when you don't have a problem???

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    Yes, I understand that is silly, but I don't see a reason to waste time backing up a game if it will not even work after 1 chapter.

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    Only one version of the game, the PAL Global version, has this error. All other versions should be fine.
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    has anyone

    got a save thats passed the crash they can upload im playing pal cant do the disc trick

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    Just buy it.

    hey ,

    i had that problem 2 i repeated playing cod 3 times but
    it dident work so when the wii is going 2 freeze i puted eject
    so the disk comes out and then put it it and it worked !!!
    try this 2 it works



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