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Thread: gammo channel

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    gammo channel

    hi very new 2 th wii world
    we had gaama launcher channel
    and the kids deleted it somehow
    all games run from that
    please help as i cant get it back

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    using the site search can be a huge help use it to find the gamma channel .wad file download once you find it copy the wad to your wad folder on your sd card then run homebrew channel then load wad manager scroll down till you see the wad click the + button to install then the house to reset and like magic it will be back any other questions just ask also there are some amazing tutorials here on the site some people have really put alot of effort into making them easy to follow they are always worth a try good luck and happy modding

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    Just look for dave_pm's guide to new super mario bros. wii. He has the .wad file for neogamma in his tutorial. Just use wadmanager to install it again and you will have the channel back up.
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