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    SD Question

    hey all, i'm new on the forum and i got my wii yesterday.
    i would like to know if i have to let the SD Card plugged in the wii everytime i boot after i do any of the softmods.
    I need to know this so i can purchase a new one or just use the one i have in my camera.
    thx all

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    If your just using it for the modding you could use your camera one but once you get into wad files, usb loader, save games and dlc you will need a card in your wii for this stuff walmart has cheap 2 gig cars for around the ten dollar mark it is a worth while invesstment as you travel down the road of exploring and testing your wii good luck and happy modding

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    technically you really dont need a sd card after your dont with softmodding. You can install neogamma or your usb loader as a channel and have it boot directly off the wii. But when you need to install ios's again or something you have to use that sd card of yours to run apps.
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