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Thread: Should I return my WII?

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    Question Should I return my WII?

    Ok, so I've been trying to hack my wii 4.2U so it can run the USB Loader. I've had no success. I've been able to install HBC and everything else, but when I got to USB Loader or the other program which allows you to run burned games my screen just goes black. I remember when I first bought my WII 2 weeks ago It updated to version 4.2. My question is should I return my current WII and simply exchange it for another one and just not update it? Would that make my life easier? I'm not really missing anything on 4.2u that the previous version doesnt have right??? Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello returning it is wrong in my opinion it is not the store fault you can't hack it there are amazing tutorials here on how to do anything including downgrading your system menu If you post what problems you are having there are also some super smart people on this forum who would be willing to answer questions So if you wanna post your difficultys i am sure someone can help yyou get this wii up and running without a store having to take a loss returning it just drives up prices for the rest of us good luck

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    I agree with the above poster. Were you able to play backup off usb loader before update?


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