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Thread: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a little issue. I have the original disc of new super mario bros wii (I know it's not out yet, the joy of working for a video game store) and since I'm lazy, I wanted to install it into my HDD.

    Doing so, I launched usb loader, updated to latest version and press installed game. Suprised to see the game is only 370mb. Then, when I try to start the game, the screen turn black and an error message appear saying that there was an error loading the game, press eject to remove the game and reset the console.

    I've tried various config, everything is set to disc default. The game work perfectly when launched from the disc menu, and I also have latest cios38-r14.


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    Please search... there are already 2-3 threads on this game. You need to patch the .iso for it to work.

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    hmmm... sorry, it seems I'm bad at using search function. Pls nobody else respond

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    I don't have the original copy but I get the same message . My screen turns blue and it tells me to read the manual , take out the disk , and turn off or reset my system . If you guys figure this out please let me know .

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    blue? Weird, mine is black, but same message. Dump from original USA disc

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    Come on guys I haven't fooled around with the wii in a while . Ive been plaing ps3 and the 360 games. Clue me in .

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    BTW this is not a pal version this is NTSC .


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