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Thread: Wiikey updating needed

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    Wiikey updating needed

    I tried clicking to get the update, and they removed the downloads from there site. Anyone know where I can get it?

    Also I haven't played my wii in a long time since mario kart was released. Can I update the wii or should i leave it at what ever version its at?

    I remember I was having problems playing games because it said they detected my modchip or something. Is there a way to bypass that? I used to use that trucha program. Do I still need to use that? Thanks

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    if you are getting ERROR #001 UNAUTHORIZED DEVICE ERROR

    DO SOME SEARCHING.....been covered many times before instead of post a redundant thread...thanks

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    I clicked search and still couldn't find the links to download the wiikey update 1.9s. The ones posted don't work...

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    duh thats why you go to wiikeys official site and download it there.
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    at the bottom of the page, pick your region.
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