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Thread: Cheats and Backups (how do I get them to work?)

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    Cheats and Backups (how do I get them to work?)

    I have a backup of Brawl on a USB that I got from when I rented the game

    I also have Brawl burned onto a DVD+R DL disc

    I can play both normally from USB Loader GX (the most up to date version) and Neogamma R7

    I can't play Brawl with Brawl+ cheats using these 2 loaders

    when I have the SD cheats on for Neogamma I get a green screen

    when I have the SD cheats on for USB Loader GX I get a black screen and before it loads it says that the cheat file is more than 255 lines

    when I had the actual game from blockbuster I could use the same cheats with Gecko

    so is there a version of Gecko that can work with Burned games or USB backups?

    or is there a version of NeoGamma that works with txt cheats more than 255 lines (Im guessing thats the problem)?

    or even with USB Loader GX?

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    I just tried using NeoGamma R8 Beta 10 and now instead of getting a green screen I get a code dump

    works without cheats still though

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    does anyone know how to get Brawl+ and other cheats working with NeoGamma or USB Loader GX?

    or getting backup games to work with Gecko?

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    I recently had the same question.

    I use the version of Neogamma that is included in the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii guide and made my cheats using the how to Cheat in animal crossing, or any game. (idiot proof) =o guide.

    On Neogamma go to Config options. then have your settings as

    Hook Type: VBI
    Ocarina On: SD(using cIOS)

    and it should work.

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    Thank you KHRS! That worked perfectly =]


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