ok so i downloaded wii dvd dumper v1.2 so i go
DVD Dump Mode: Network Mode (Wifi Connection) (by the way i do not have a big enough thumb drive or SD card to use)
DVD Disk Type: Wii Single-Layer Disk (WOD)
Insert DVD disk inside the drive...OK!
Opening DVD Disk....OK!

Dumping Disk With ID "RS3E"...
Press Button to Start the Dump Process....

Initalizing Network....OK!
Wii URL:
Sending index.html...OK!
Sending DVD ISO...ERROR! (ret= -10056)


I am using menu verson 4.2U and i was trying to use Spiderman 3.... and as well i tryed a gamecube game and it worked perfectly...but not the wii... AAAAA!!! HELP MEEEEE!!