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Thread: Wii Help - 4.2E, D3-2 DVD drive, cioscorp 3.4

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    Exclamation Wii Help - 4.2E, D3-2 DVD drive, cioscorp 3.4

    I think I messed up a little. I have the new D3-2 DVD drive in my new Black Wii. I managed to install and hack it and got as far as installing NeoGamma r7 and got it to work as well

    I then read about cioscorp and, for whatever reason, decided to stick version 3.4 on an SD card and started it from HBC and it immediately started installing version 3.4. At that point I thought OMG, I am now watching my Wii being bricked, luckily though, it seemed to reboot and get to the menu which was a relief.

    My question now is:

    As I have the D3-2 DVD drive, no cioscorp will work anyway because of my drive type. I am considering removing it and have downloaded the uninstall package and put it on an SD card. Is it safe to remove cioscorp? Also, I found out that I had to install preloader first. Is it safe to remove cioscorp then install preloader on menu 4.2E which is what I have?

    Thanks in advance

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    you can remove cIOScorp and it does come with an uninstaller, you can install preloader with with the new D3 drive you have its unlikely to read DVD+/- media.
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