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Thread: FFCC The Crystal Bearers+Ring of Fates not canceled

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    FFCC The Crystal Bearers+Ring of Fates not canceled

    Good news for everyone wanting FF on the Wii!

    According to the FFCC: Ring of Fates director, "development for both Ring of Fates and The Crystal Bearers are proceeding smoothly". While there hasn't been a lot of visual evidence supporting this statement, we'll all just have to trust his word on it and hope that Square Enix comes up with more updates for the game some time soon.

    At the very least, people will be happy to know that neither project has been canceled just yet and hopes of The Crystal Chronicles series continuing is still something many gamers can look forward to. There's been no word when The Crystal Bearers will be released, but we'll make sure to inform everyone should we receive word of any new updates.
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