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Thread: GX Loader parental control problems

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    GX Loader parental control problems

    as the title says i am having difficulties with GX Loader it will run most games i have put on it but then decided i needed to update to a newer version with the forwarder channel as i wasn't able to add new isos to the hdd directly from the wii. after doing the update, i still couldn't add isos and on checking through all of the options i noticed that the console was locked and needed a password to unlock. is there anything i can do or should i just remove the lot and try again?

    hope someone can help



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    all sorted now, just in case anyone need the reference, the console lock code is ab121b all lower case.



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    If you have set your own password but have forgotten it then there is a way to retrieve it.
    Remove the SD card from the wii and put it in your computer

    Open the card to read all the files

    You will see a folder called 'CONFIG' open this

    next you will see a file called 'GXGlobal'

    Open this with notepad and you will be able to read the password you set.

    I hope this helps anyone with a console locked problem


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