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    Question 3d box art

    I have Destory All Humans PAL on an NTSC wii. I'm booting it from usb ext. hard drive using coverfloader. I choose download 3d cover under settings but it never get the Destroy All Humans art. Is there an alternative to getting the box art in 3D?

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    you can get it from (site wont let me link to image) you'll get it in the pal section, resize the hight to 224 then save it on your sd card, ive never used coverfloader before so i dont know where you need to put it, it'll be something like X:\usb-loader\covers\3d.


    you might already have the cover on you card, it might just need resized to width:160 hight:224, look on your sd card \cover\3d folder for a file named RDHP78.png
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    For all check code of game! The code of picture must be the same! If not rename it! That's it!


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