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Thread: N64 wad injection ideas

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    N64 emulation ideas outside the box thinking

    I wanna start a thread about ALTERNATIVE sideways thinking ways of injecting n64 virtual console games. There just is not enough games that work by injecting roms so we need to think of new ways

    heres three of my ideas

    1. Inject wii64 boot.dol into a n64 vc wad (not sure of right way of doing this but it is possible to inject .dol files into wad`s with autoinjectuwad and in theory (a mad mans theory i.e me this could improve wii64)

    2. This is more likely to work finding a way to break down the n64 wad files and find out what activates the wii`s internal n64 emulator and building a hombrew emulator that basically just read roms and uses them by booting the wii`s n64 emulator

    3. would it not be possible to unpack your wii nand and find the n64 emulator?

    Im probably being crazy but why not try to think a bit outside the box we need working n64 emulation on every n64 game come on people lets do this

    i am a NOOB i will admit that i just really want this to work out for everyone
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    well people injected other emulators such as Snes9x GX to channels no problem, why not try finding out how to do that and do it for wii 64 and see how it works?

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