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Thread: About to (re)buy a wii today and need expert advice please..

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    About to (re)buy a wii today and need expert advice please..

    Ok. SO i had a wii on firm 4.0, had it softmodded, everything was great. Till one sad night, where i deleted ios60, dont ask why! That well never happen about.

    So today i want to get a new one. I have two options and want some advice please.

    Gamestop has wii's onlsale NEW for 199.99. They also have USED wii's for 169.99. My question to you guys is this....

    Which one should i seriously get?

    I'm pretty sure the used ones have frimware in the lower than 4.2. The new ones could have any firmware in them. I'm guessing 4.2, but who knows. Not sure how long they sit around before being shipped out.

    Oh.. i AM re-softmodding whichever i get.

    Suggestions? Thanks guys!


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    I honestly never get used consoles. I do buy used games because I can tell their condition just by looking at them but if you buy a used console, you basically have no warrenty except for the 30 day store warrenty.
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    yes... but i'm softmodding again. So the warranty is irrelevant.

    Should i get a new one with possible 4.2 on it, or should i get a used one that will have 3.X on it?

    Thanks Guys!

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    In the case of wiis, Id ask for a used one with a low serial number. But if you had bootmii as a boot2 on your wii, then you could reinstall ios60 from a wad in HBC.

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    So a used one better you think? The one I ruin was about a year old. I installed as cOOS not boot 2 so I'm out of luck


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