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Thread: Drive not running with Wasabi DX installed

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    Unhappy Drive not running with Wasabi DX installed

    I installed a Wasabi DX as per the instructions but get no activity of any kind from the chip or the drive. The Wii will boot to the main menu but the drive doesn't spin up and disks can't be ejected. The Wii works fine when the chip is removed again. I've watched a bunch of install videos and done a fair bit of console/PC hardware work before so I KNOW the ****ing thing is installed correctly. Any constructive thoughts?

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    Hey mate, nothing worse when it doesn't work. The most common one of that (from experience) is people putting the ribbon cables on the wrong ends. But from what you are saying, it sounds like you have checked the obvious. If you are 100% convinced you have done it correctly, then it may be a defective chip.

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    Yeah, thanks, that's what I was thinking. I got a mail from the supplier telling me to send the chip back for a replacement just after I posted here so I'lll see with the new chip. If the same problem occurs I'll know it's because I'm bloody useless and should go back to playing X's and O's on a chalk board. . Cheers

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    This is probably telling you how to suck eggs, but when you get the new chip, don't bother putting the machine all back together. Just run it from it's internal chassis. Saves all the bother of taking a million screws out again.

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